Республика Беларусь, 220024, г. Минск, ул. Кижеватова, 60/2
+375 17 212-85-57 (среднее специальное образование)
+375 17 281-28-37 (дополнительное образование взрослых)
+375 17 298-93-45 (телефон горячей линии)
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The general information about college

Belarusian State Medical College is the leading institution of secondary special medical, pharmaceutical education of the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Belarus. It provides secondary special medical and pharmaceutical education, retraining and advanced training of medical and pharmaceutical workers and it is one of the leading institutions on the organization and the quality of the educational process.

Photos of College

The institution was founded on October 1, 1953.

The college admits and trains for specialties: "Nursing affair", "Curative affair", "Orthopedic stomatology", "Pharmacy".

There are more than 1,500 students in the college.

The methods of teaching of the world level are widely used in the educational process, besides there are used modern technologies which allow to form and develop professional thinking, to prepare competent and competitive professionals, who will be able to continue cultivating and developing further.

There are 127 full-time teachers in the college, who have special secondary medical education. There are 2 teachers with a PhD degree in medical sciences, 6 teachers were awarded with a sign of "A high achiever of Health of the Republic of Belarus", 85 have pedagogical qualification category: higher - 34 teachers, first - 26 second - 25; medical qualification category assigned 39 teachers (the highest - 4, the first – 23,second - 12).

Training of specialists in the college is carried out in two academic buildings and classrooms located at clinical sites of the leading healthcare institutions in Minsk, corresponding to modern requirements and profile training.
The educational process is computerized. Computers are installed in classrooms, laboratories and in the library, united in a local network and connected to the Internet.

An interactive and multimedia equipment, projection equipment are used in the educational process of the College.

Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with pre-clinical practice phantoms, models, equipment, medical instruments, and consumables.

The library of the college has a reading room with 30 seats and a book depository, and covers an area of 163 m2, outfit with video equipment, Internet access.

The events of the college are held in the auditorium of 350 seats.

Sports base is represented by two gyms of area 331.83 m2 and 271.0 m2 and the stadium.

There are organized hot meals in the dining room (str. Kizhevatov 60, block 2) and in the snack bar (str. Sedykh, 40) of the college. The assortment list includes first courses, second courses, salads, pastries, fruits at an affordable price (the average price of dinner 20,000 BYR - 1,3 USD).

There are held mass cultural and sports activities for students: excursions, competitions, and concerts, work circles and sections, which enable students to realize their potential in a creative and sports activities.

Learners, including foreign nationals, may be granted a hostel or assisted in finding a residential area for the period of the training.

There are organized preparatory courses for foreign citizens in the college.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons who have graduated from training courses may enter the institutions of secondary special education and higher education institutions on a paid form of education – on the results of the final certification at the end of the training courses (in case of mastering of the educational content of the training of persons for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus).


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