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+375 17 212-85-57 (среднее специальное образование)
+375 17 281-28-37 (дополнительное образование взрослых)
+375 17 298-93-45 (телефон горячей линии)
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The list of the required documents for admission

Applicants from the number of foreign citizens and persons stateless (their representatives) submit to the selection committee the following documents:

  • application addressed to the Director of the college according to the form established by the Ministry of Education (to be completed at the educational institution);
  • certificate (document) of education with the subjects taken and marks (points) - The subject of recognition in the established order of these documents in the Republic of Belarus;
  • conclusion of the medical advisory committee, issued the territorial Health Organization Republic of Belarus (after passing the mandatory medical examination at the direction of the college);
  • a medical report on the health certificate and the absence of HIV, issued by the official health authority of the country of which the candidate arrived for training;
  • original (copy) of the birth certificate;
  • 6 photos 3 x 4 cm;
  • Certificate of completion of the preparatory department, preparatory courses of the establishment of secondary special education (at the end of the preparatory department, preparatory courses of institutions of secondary vocational education).

The listed documents executed in a foreign language should be accompanied at the same time by their translation into Belarusian or Russian language, certified by a notary.

The prerequisite for admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the college is the presence of an identity document, visas (if necessary) and contract of compulsory health insurance issued in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


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